Picking a Smart Heating Unit Frequently Asked Questions

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Picking a Smart Heating Unit Frequently Asked Questions
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The world of home heating is one that is constantly changing with developments in their associated technology, and it can be difficult for homeowners to keep up. Smart controls can offer enhanced energy efficiency and comfort, but how do you know whether it is right for your home?

David Playfoot answers some frequently asked questions about smart heating systems.

1. What are the Advantages of Smart Heating Systems?

All smart controls have a degree of intelligence to them, and unlike conventional on/off controls they can react better to your house needs.
For instance, on an underfloor heating system a normal thermostat would allow for a massive under and over shoot because it cannot react intelligently early on. This will consequently cause a 3-4 degree variance in room temperature past the set point.
Smart controls on the other hand, allow the system to switch on and off early on from their set point meaning the overshoot and undershoot drops considerably. This in turn, makes it a more efficient and remove comfortable system.

2. Are they Complicated to Install?

Depending on the level of control you wish to achieve and which system you adopt, smart home controls can be as easy as just replacing your existing thermostat on the wall. However for the most optimum control and comfort, multi zone controls are paving the way by providing individual thermostats throughout your house. This can result in massive energy savings, as controls can be switched off in vacant rooms. However, this is more invasive in your home.

3. Will Smart Controls Help Lower my Energy Bills?

Different manufacturers mention different figures, however in independent testing of the Uponor smart balancing system it showed a 20% energy saving compared to a normal unbalanced system. The biggest fundamental floor we found with balancing a system is when extra radiators are added. TRV’s are shut down and this throws the whole system out of balance. However, with Uponor’s auto balancing technology the system will react to this and compensate.

4. Can Smart Tech be Retrofitted?

Yes. Wired and wireless systems are available and are popular for renovations. Although more of a premium is attached, a wireless system gives you so many possibilities and allows for easy retrofitting of multizone controls in your house.

5. Can I Install it Myself?

Some options can easily be installed by a keen DIY’er. However, placement of the thermostats is crucial, so if in doubt seek a professional. Similarly, the “live side” of any electrical system must be carried out by a professional.

For more information on smart controls for your heating system, contact Uponor.

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