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If you need masons in London, do not hesitate to contact FindBuilder, our workers are experienced professionals in all types of renovation, rehabilitation, vertical work, etc.

The masonry includes many different types of work but it is especially in the area of ​​reforms and construction in which it is essential. A mason is familiar with materials such as cement, plaster, lime or bricks, and can carry out all kinds of works, whether they are the complete rehabilitation of a building or something much smaller and simpler. Normally, masonry work is divided into four different classes. The first three have to do with the construction of buildings: simple masonry, which encompasses all the work done with mortar or mortar and bricks, such as the construction of walls and similar tasks. The second class is the so-called armed, which, in addition to using the materials mentioned above, uses steel to reinforce the constructions.

Finally, there is another kind of masonry, which deals with punctual works and minor works, and uses a greater variety of materials, performing small jobs in a neat and more creative way, which can be occupied from small repairs without scaffolding in the facades, as in which we are specialized in FindBuilder, such as creating new spaces inside a house or making repairs on roofs, floors, etc. If you need any masonry work, we can provide it quickly and easily. We prepare a personalized budget without any commitment, whatever the magnitude of the work you want to carry out. In addition, we carry out all kinds of integral reforms of buildings, whether with scaffolding or without scaffolding, as well as waterproofing, roof renovations, etc. We have professionals with experience in very diverse jobs, which can undertake from comprehensive reforms to specific jobs.


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