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Building Rehabilitation

Building Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of a building is a complex task, which requires many prior considerations before rushing. For example, most of the rehabilitations that are carried out in the Community of Madrid are of habitual dwellings, since 80% of the buildings are used as residence. According to administration statistics, most of these homes are over 50 years old, so, in many cases, they seriously need reform. The reforms, although they focus on improving the habitability of the property, should not only address this point, but also consider other aspects, such as energy efficiency. It is important that the buildings in our country reduce CO2 emissions. In this aspect, Keep in mind that modern wall and facade insulation techniques allow not only to contribute to the protection of the environment: thanks to the lower energy consumption, all the inhabitants of the property can save a significant amount of money on bills of light, water or gas. In addition, these reforms reduce Spain’s energy dependence from abroad.

Other aspects that must be taken into account are security and accessibility, since all the buildings that are being reformed must comply with the measures in force in these areas, so ramps or elevators must be installed, as well as all the common areas to be safe and healthy.

Our company can take care of the integral rehabilitation of any space, whatever the type. For example, we take care of buildings with particularities that require special treatment, such as corralas, and we always worry that the exterior reform integrates perfectly with the aspect of the area in which it is located.


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