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Building waterproofing

Building waterproofing

We can provide you with a waterproofing service in London, both for a small space and for a complete building, as we are also specialists in integral rehabilitation.

Good waterproofing should be done by professionals and with the best materials if you want the result to be optimal. There are a number of materials that are waterproof and, in addition, tend to be very durable when combined with the materials from which buildings are normally made. Not only the buildings have to be isolated, but many other spaces undergo this process, such as swimming pools, water tanks, foundations, etc. This technique has been developed enormously since the early twentieth century, at which time the first waterproofing was carried out, specifically in Switzerland, in 1910.

Among the materials with which an effective waterproofing can be performed, the following stand out: asphalt fabric, which is a conglomerate of various materials and offers a very resistant water protection. It can be used in the total of a surface or in only a part. On the other hand, the onduline plates are very practical: they are made of microcement and are very solid, resisting both the ravages of the changing weather and the wear and tear caused by the passage of time. Another material that is very much in vogue in recent times is acrylic rubber, which is recommended especially for roofs and applied as a paint. Also the glass wool is a good waterproofing and its installation is quite simple, because it is manufactured in sheets that are easy to cut and adapt to any surface. Other materials that can be used are vinyl polychloride, also known as PVC, synthetic rubber, which is also called EPDM, or asphalt modified with plastomers or elastomers. As we are experts in both vertical and wet work, we can provide the entire building with just what you need. Ask us without obligation.


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