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Facade Repair

Facade Repair

We are experts in Facade repair in London. We can deal with both a specific breakdown and a complete remodeling, as well as painting or some specific element. We carry out waterproofing works, and we can carry out works without scaffolding, quickly and easily.

The most common faults in the facades are those that are produced by the passage of time, which is wearing away the materials from which the different elements are constructed, such as the paint, which is being chipped, the electrical installations, the channeling of water, ornaments or paving terraces. For example, one of the most common reforms is to place an insulating layer, which also helps save energy to the inhabitants of the property. The so-called ventilated façade systems are very effective in this aspect, because, thanks to their double layer of insulation and non-waterproof outer sheet, they not only allow to defend against the weather, but they are also an acoustic barrier, which achieves insulate the property from annoying city noises. The work that generates this system is quite spectacular, so if you want a simpler one, you can opt for the SATE system, which is a simpler coating to install. Finally, there are the plastering systems, which use mortar to insulate the facades.

In addition, if a breakdown occurs in your building, you can take the opportunity to consider a more complete job, with which you can completely isolate the facade and thus meet the new energy efficiency requirements demanded by administrations. In addition, as the facades have to be renewed periodically, a good rehabilitation lengthens the period of its useful life: up to four decades later, it is possible that no other repairs may be necessary. Until recently, any reform that was done in this regard used to last from 8 to 10 years, but, with modern techniques, the reforms are much more lasting.


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