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Integral Reforms

Integral Reforms

We have a complete service of integral reforms in London. Integral reforms are considered to be those that affect the totality of a property, both outside and inside, and that entails work on all the elements of the building, from the facade to all the common areas used by those who use the property, either a community of neighbors or a company. A comprehensive reform begins with a precise planning of all the work to be carried out. Our company will carry out a preliminary study of the needs of your space, to provide you with just what you need.

Then, you have to choose the most appropriate materials for each job, ensuring in all cases its durability, which will allow you not to have to carry out new works in a long time. As we are experienced professionals, we can guarantee you the best and most appropriate materials.

We are specialized in all types of reforms. We can completely rehabilitate any facade, applying the most modern insulations, which, in addition, adapt to the new energy efficiency regulations that have been implemented by the administrations and that, thanks to their energy saving objective, allow, at the same time, protect the environment and save on water, gas and electricity bills.

We are able to carry out any work, both with scaffolding and without them. We specialize in work at height, so we can undertake the work simply and quickly, and very comfortable for all people who use the property.

Whether you have a fault that needs to be repaired or if you simply want to give your building a completely renovated look, in both cases, it is a good time to consider a comprehensive reform that improves not only the appearance, but also the health and safety of the building. same. Ask us without obligation.


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